Monday, March 30, 2009

Weight Loss Updates

Well I have been doing well with my Anime Boston 2010 weight loss goals. Since my last post I have been quite motivated and been doing very well. Cutting back on my food intake, adding in exercise, adding in a healthier selection of food, and *POOF* I am down 9lbs.


travel54s said...

that is good with your weight loss. all i have been doing is here is eating is way to much bread

Whisper said...

aah! awesome! ^_^ I hate you- I am up 8lbs from when I left my apartment. (Down 2 lbs, but still up 3 lbs from when we started this!) Those few days at your house I dont know why but they killed me!

So now I am making sure I eat on a regular basis and drink plenty of water. Cause that is when I gain the most weight: my body goes into starvation mode and starts saving up everything if I don't eat enough. ::sigh:: I gain more when I DONT eat than when I do, wtf?